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Business company on September 24 of dispatch foreign capital introduce, produced main stimulative effect to promoting Chinese medicine industry competition ability, driving mainland and fluctuation of the enterprise that cross a state to swim collaboration while, also form strong competition to regard population as big country to indigenous industry, development of Chinese medicine market is rapid, potential is tremendous, fix eyes upon for foreign investor, chinese medicine market already made the key target market that in recent years foreign capital enters, and be being bought is the main way that its scramble market dominant to counterpoise. Can say, introduced foreign capital to produce main stimulative effect to promoting Chinese medicine industry competition ability, drive mainland and the fluctuation of the enterprise that cross a state to swim collaboration, but also make strong competition to indigenous industry, both sides presents a relatively complex contest to join a concern. Enter quickly China from 1980 Tianjin of settle of pharmacy of big grave of Japan of enterprise of first foreign capital up to now, the enterprise that cross a state is in China the investment of medical domain expands ceaselessly, include brightness luck, write from memory look forward to of Shi Ke of element of Sha Dong, collect family name, arrowroot orchid, Nuo China, before doing obeisance to the whole world such as ear 20 old drug already all was in China investment sets a plant. And since China enters a life, cross the outspread speed of state-owend enterprise course of study to be accelerated apparently, blossom everywhere of solely invested, joint ventures. Up to by 2006, chinese medicine industry attracts a foreign trader to invest a project in all 3497, use foreign capital actually 5.594 billion dollar, joint-stock make an appointment with 1500 with foreign capital enterprise, hold sum total of Chinese pharmacy company 30% the left and right sides. Overall and character, foreign capital enterprise is in China invested to basically experience 3 level evolve. It is 20 centuries 80 time are prime, the proprietor of an enterprise that cross a state should wait for a method through technical accredit, use the low cost dominant position of Chinese medicine enterprise, in China set factory and branch; 2 it is 20 centuries the metaphase at the beginning of 90 time, basically pass in China build solely invested or participate in market competition the joint ventures directly; 3 it is China enters world hind, the enterprise that cross a state is passed accelerate annex, recombine the method such as domestic medicine enterprise to undertake new round industry is integrated, in order to promote its core competition ability, increase in China strength of periphery technology research and development. This makes clear, cross look forward to of traditional Chinese medicine already from in the past pure give priority to in order to pay attention to industrial investment to the industry investment and investment of research and development pay equal attention to change. Practice makes clear, the entered effectively to drive Chinese medicine industry technology progress of foreign capital and product upgrade, those who accelerated product of medicine of the brand outside the condition is homebred change a course, many products realized an entrance to replace, drove Chinese medicine business management of enterprise and market sale level greatly at the same time rise. Outspread trend in recent years, cross look forward to of traditional Chinese medicine to be in in succession China the investment that develops a variety of forms acts, outspread trend is increasingly clear, buy among them most conspicuous, amount and dimensions year after year rise, its are main the characteristic is -- it is to buy large-scale production company in order to gain cost advantage. Current, dimensions benefit is gotten on the production that makes look forward to of multispan traditional Chinese medicine be not patent medicine to be in, reduce cost, undertake holding concurrently ceaselessly and recombine, its are main the target is company of Chinese large-scale production. Like the Holand end 2004 the group shows Di Siman the joint ventures that with enterprise of Chinese medicine bibcock China north pharmacy establishs to be given priority to in order to produce penicillin; In September 2005, malaysia pharmacy business sends a horse limited company is bought with 5.69 million dollar grow rich drug industry without Xihuayuan the equity of 40% ; In October 2007, germany did obeisance to ear to buy general of company of Dong Chengke ability with 1.072 billion yuan of RMBs " Bai Jia is black " wait for drug of brand of 3 blame prescription.

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