Domestic medicine industry needs to raise ability of own research and developmen
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Dispatch will confront business company on October 6 the huge market opportunity that the whole world is not patent medicine and mutiple level the huge market demand of innovation medicaments, domestic pharmacy business should be accelerated push medical industry internally, take the strategy with what participate in competition of international market diversity external, implementation our country is modelled on from medicine of blame patent raw material, preparation the change of research and development of own innovation medicaments. The soft hardware foundation that starts formerly as a result of our country medicaments is relatively backward, fragile, the medical innovation that reforming and opening comes to 30 years is main around move the goal that copy achieves spreads out, drive in what open policy below, the key introduces foreign patent to expire medicines and chemical reagents, introduce an advanced technique and digest absorb, the technology that promoted medical industry greatly upgrades to optimize development with the structure. Since 1978, medical industry year all sales revenue amplitude exceeds 17% , what exceed global medicine market far is average add fast 8% ~ 10% , 2007, gross value of industrial output of our country medicine makes an appointment with 670 billion yuan, nearly 100 times before be equivalent to 30 years 7 billion yuan. The tide that as medical industry home home of competition of competitive internationalization, international turns is accelerated, the market demand that pharmacy business innovates independently also grows day and day, to continue to promote medical industry internally, open to the outside world, own innovation develops implementation medicine property, macroscopical policy should give more to inspect and guide again. Above all, the innovation effect that develops market system, linkage platform that builds medical innovation is medical industry expands internally, the external demand that open to the outside world. Innovation of medical industry technology is a complex systematic project, involve medicine, medicine to learn, technology of chemical, biology, informatics, abroad achieves new drug research and development of the gender to often need time ten years formerly, expend ten dollars, among them, phase of different research and development comes by the orgnaization of research and development of distinct category, administrative levels joint efforts is finished. And new drug research and development and the success that the technology innovates are the innovation market system that profit from matures this kind and perfects and linkage platform. Encourage new drug research and development to already brought into innovation of national new period to plan to support a project mainly, domestic pharmacy business regards medical industry as the main body of innovation, should strengthen construction of catenary of industry of cooperation, positive innovation actively; The different link that tackles key problem in project of great science and technology strengthens complementary cooperation actively, through innovation resource paid share, reduce repeatability investment, the bag outside crucial to accelerating medical industry technology innovates and participating in international research and development, process that wins international competition will have profit greatly. The bag outside research and development already made pharmacy trade in last few years eye-catching medicaments innovation develops pattern. As a result of market system of home the market consciousness of main body of not perfect, innovation is returned not strong, outside bringing about the research and development between domestic pharmacy business, be wrapped and produce, learn, grind the cooperative strength between cooperates under the bag outside the research and development between home and foreign pharmacy business level. The competitive pressure of medical innovation research and development is greater and greater, accelerate system of market of innovation of perfect home medicine, need the guiding of national policy likewise, the country should offer more to support the advantageous policy that pharmacy business innovates independently and market environment. On the base that protects a mechanism in ceaseless and perfect intellectual property, increase policy sex investment and taxation privilege to give aid to strength; Encourage agile stock fund to participate in drive pharmacy industry to innovate continuously especially, the development new pattern with innovation of technology of open up medicine and industrial capital effective and shirt-sleeve innovation. Next, face global market, value chain of industry of international capital operation, outspread medicine, it is medical industry expands internally, the subjective demand that open to the outside world.

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