Donkey-hide gelatin kind the product seeks hegemony enrich the blood competition
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Business company dispatch will enrich the blood on October 6 kind of product is main by have enrich the blood regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, hairdressing is raised colour, what grow take a tonic to build up health gives birth to effect is officinal reach sanitarian product to form, of consumer own alternative very tall, accordingly, its are in retail market is numerous the stand firm in the competitor calcaneal. Data shows, enrich the blood the product has 80% in medicines and chemical reagents retail market is sold. In recent years, increase of consciousness with each passing day as people health and those who buy capacity is ceaseless rise, enrich the blood the dimensions of kind of product also is in expand increasingly. According to medicines and chemical reagents of limited company of information of Guangzhou punctuation medicine retail market monitors systematic data to show, 2008 first quarter, the 19 cities such as Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu are aggregate enrich the blood kind of product sale dimensions rose compared to the same period 15.2% , but with photograph of the corresponding period decreased somewhat than amplitude last year, visible growth momentum begins to put delay somewhat. However, 19 cities enrich the blood the sale gross of kind of product has apparent growth however, rose compared to the same period 31.2% , relatively the corresponding period increased about 27 percent last year. And in hold enrich the blood the donkey-hide gelatin of kind of product mainstream dominant position kind product, still holding number one position up to now, the competition between congener nevertheless product also turns white-hot increasingly. Donkey-hide gelatin analogy continues to enlarge what retail market sells in medicines and chemical reagents to enrich the blood again kind of product divide roughly it is 3 kinds: Medicinal material kind product of donkey-hide gelatin, donkey-hide gelatin enrichs the blood with etc product. The data that monitor shows, 2008 first quarter, medicinal material kind total market share is as high as donkey-hide gelatin and donkey-hide gelatin product 78% , rose compared to the same period nearly 9 percent. By the graph 2 can see, medicinal material kind donkey-hide gelatin and donkey-hide gelatin product had been occupied go enriching the blood kind of proportion that the product exceeds an in part, and this proportion still rises in year after year. The use history of donkey-hide gelatin already had more than 2000 years, popular feeling of curative effect development, of the product famous degree spend with faithfulness taller, accordingly, medicinal material kind donkey-hide gelatin and donkey-hide gelatin product are in enrich the blood kind of product there is dominant position on the market, its market proportion is resided all the year round do not fall high. Although in recent years the raw material as a result of donkey-hide gelatin -- of asinine skin in short supply caused donkey-hide gelatin price to rise ceaselessly, but still fail to affect a medicinal material kind the impetus that donkey-hide gelatin and portion of donkey-hide gelatin product grow further. 2008 first quarter, in 19 cities on overall market, performance is the most outstanding still is east of group of A donkey-hide gelatin east A donkey-hide gelatin, its occupy 19 towns high with exceeding the market share of 1/3 overall market a list of names posted up head. And blessing card donkey-hide gelatin is in 19 cities are overall the expression on the market also not common, market share rises in year after year, 2008 the rank first quarter relatively on year the corresponding period rose 1, the platoon is in the 3rd, squeeze fluid of hematic Er profess to convinced before going out 3 (see a table 1) . Key city competition is intense as a result of in last few years of raw material rare be short of, caused a lot of enriching the blood of the product all valence whole is ceaseless on raise, the part has risen in price the circumstance that fast city appeared to decrease the forehead to add a quantity to decrease the forehead by the quantity gradually. In 3 big cities of the Beijing that monitors mainly in us, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the show of Beijing is relatively apparent, beijing field enriched the blood first quarter 2008 the phenomenon that the sale of kind of product and sale appeared to drop compared to the same period. As overall as 19 cities condition goes Shanghai and Guangzhou situation is roughly same. Shanghai can hold Shanghai every year cream square section, this very be helpful for local consumer be opposite of the understanding that enrich the blood and consciousness strengthen, drove place to enrich the blood from this the sale of kind of product, also because such, of Shanghai enrich the blood dimensions is in kind of product market is the biggest in 3 big cities.

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