Quality of big infusion market promotes infusion quality to hire capable person
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Business company on October 6 dispatch this year first half of the year, "Company of countrywide infusion production managed a peak to meet December 2008 " issuance information caused each square attention: Crop of our country big infusion achieved 7.1 billion bottles 2007 (bag) , growth rate prep above 10% , bo bottle, model bottle and soft bag pack infusion product to present the structure that gives the market 3 minutes. Among them a new force suddenly rises of product of model bottle infusion, had replaced Bo bottle product to hold common infusion market gradually. The personage inside course of study thinks, advance cure of the whole people to maintain policy continuously as a result of the country in recent years, average per capita can pay medical treatment charge to be climbed considerably litre, the model bottle of market of infusion of the high end in be being belonged to so packages a product gradually civilian is changed. Meanwhile, the Bo bottle that holds share of market of majority of common infusion product so packs a product to rise in price as a result of raw material however, carry not easily wait for an element, market share gradually atrophic. Current, the abidance that adopts the plastic technique that pack innovates, model bottle and Bo bottle product had differred on market price case very few. And the buildup that superintends strength to medicines and chemical reagents as the country, raise quality of big infusion product to had become catenary of big infusion industry to swim up and down the target of the joint efforts. Search suitable bag ability is well-known, settleclear lightness is to examine the main index of quality of big infusion product, and the effect that the material that pack is having to hold the balance on settleclear lightness index. Big infusion product packs the process that upgrades to model bottle from Bo bottle in, a shows a gender to make facilitating lamp check that how enhances packet of ability, once was the problem that manufacturing company has a headache quite. As we have learned, at present cent of capable person of model bottle bag is PE model bottle and BOPP model bottle two kinds. Jiahuate seeks advice from Beijing Cong Hui of manager of department of service of client of salon of industry of infusion of international of service limited company introduces, raw material of PE model bottle is in density polyethylene, use the crowded technology that blow bottle to make, bottle is connected fully the gender is bad, go against lamp check; In the meantime, the production equipment of PE model bottle all is foreign manufacturer, the price is very high. The data that place of BOPP model bottle uses is polypropylene, wall of the bottle after drawing becomes bottle is connected fully the gender is first-rate, almost with Bo bottle as good as, can raise those who see a foreign body to detect greatly efficiency, big to rising infusion detects quality is great helpful. Bottle of model of use BOPP of product of foreign big infusion is already special and general. Although BOPP bottle has a lot of advantage, but the technical camp that makes as a result of machinery, our country can produce PE model bottle only before 2001. 1998, the Li Wei that pursues research of data of high polymer chemistry in foreign well-known company all the time grand decision goes back to the motherland do poineering work, beautiful grand machinery held water to create limited company in Guangdong Dongguan, he laid the target BOPP model bottle makes machine. Nowadays, beautiful grand machinery is in industry of domestic big infusion is already illustrious and famous. Li Wei of this company president grand express, at the beginning of building beautiful grand machine, domestic model bottle makes technology and international market return existence difference. "I have two pieces of trump card in the hand at that time, one is the view that includes lumber market globalization to infusion, one is BOPP machine production technology. Had these two pieces of trump card, I had dye-in-the-wood assurance to the market. " 2002, beautiful grand machinery passes research and development of 3 years of with great concentration, throw 50 million yuan, make eventually gave device of the first BOPP, but market promotion sufferred cold shoulder however: Big infusion produces the bag capable person with brand-new to this kind enterprise to support wait-and-see attitude. Await in those days, big infusion industry just is experienced

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