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Dispatch and photograph of world sell like hot cakes will compare business company on October 6, our country mouth dies a market fare badly however, its reason is, it is under current national condition, more severalfold than tower above of traditional the form of a drug price block up the mouth dies piece market, the hair that reason promotion still needs time to love from France (Ethpharm) the company appeared on the market the mouth dies piece (Orally Distegrating Tablets, ODT) after FlashTab, up to now the sign that this one new the form of a drug already showed set the prairie ablaze on international medicine market. The mouth that global heretofore already appeared on the market dies estimation has a new product at least 80 ~ 90 breed, the mouth that is about to appear on the market dies piece taste what still hundreds is plant newly. Global mouth died 2006 a market already amounted to 2 billion dollar, estimation already exceeded 3 billion dollar last year, development momentum is very spectacular. Just become famous 10 years the mouth dies this one new the form of a drug is the earliest the success was developed 1986 by western researcher, but after this this the form of a drug did not lift very great billows on international medicine market. Till 20 centuries 90 time end, the hair company of love develops again the name is FlashTab (our country scholar is its name at that time " fast collapse piece " , the collapse is a mouth that abroad weighs piece) , the new the form of a drug that can rapid in oral cavity collapse sees, the mouth dies this potion attention that causes common people just now. Right now, from the first mouth collapse piece of Zydis appear on the market time already went full 10 years. The mouth dies piece it is to show one kind is put inside on glossal face 30 seconds to be able to die automatically namely solution becomes countless particle and the new-style medicaments preparation with sweet mouthfeel. As a result of it collapse sees rate fast, absorb rapid, and water need not be drunk after taking drug, reason suits a few special patients very much (if mental disease, old age is gawkish,disease and epileptic patient wait) take with old person, child. According to the report, from 20 centuries 90 time up to now, the mouth dies piece already more and more the first selection preparation that makes foreign patient. Seek advice from a company to show to a of Euramerican patient large-scale findings according to an international: The patient apt choice of 80% uses western country a collapse piece, many patients were taking a mouth to die piece hind express, also will not want to take other tablet again henceforth. This shows, the mouth dies piece there is good public praise in western patient. Because in recent years the mouth dies piece in the ovation in the patient, each pharmacy company all is in the west to develop a mouth actively to die a new the form of a drug, this potion reform also lets a few " too angry " star product recovery is green. Expire like a few patent " heavy pound bomb " , if fight cankerous medicine Lan Suo to pull Zun, fight histamine medicine chloric thunder he is decided, fight chlorpromazine content benefit to earth up ketone, fight asthmatic drug the solution such as alcohol of Sha Ding amine and Buluofen, aspirin, paracetamol heats up analgesia old drug is become via development, market sales volume rises sharply. Western medicine learns researcher to think, not only common solid medicaments suits to machine a collapse piece, connect vaccine kind if injection is tetanic vaccine of vaccinal, hydrophobic vaccine, liver of BCG vaccine, second and 100 white broken vaccine, can machine a collapse likewise piece, this is trouble-free already on the technology. Once need not inject the mouth dies piece model vaccine appears on the market, facilitating people is used and will gain ground more. The message says, the United States' famous medicaments new the form of a drug develops not long ago of company ALZA Co to announce, already developed can prevent " hay fever " -- the new-style and vaccinal mouth of disease of a kind of irritability dies piece, referred new drug to apply for to American FDA a few days ago. According to the report, only the United States, the mouth that applies for every year to appear on the market dies a new product have 10 several, the opening that increases European each district dies a new product, estimation whole world has about a hundred mouth shoot every year about piece in be being developed.

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