Difficulty of industry of medicine of domestic live thing finds new way in other
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Business company on October 6 dispatch " enthusiasm of research and development of domestic new drug is at present rising, personnel is numerous, demand is pressing, the market is broad the attention that adds a government, can saying is good luck frequency is born, but the current situation is not hopeful. " can go up in peak of development of medicine of biology of the 4th China International, such viewpoint is provided very much representative. New drug searchs hard, copy medicine hard copy " mode of existing research and development and flow more and more discover new drug hard. On the foundation of existing life science and technology, through round of another round filtration, almost all and foregone biochemistry element reacts and biochemical enzymatic reaction was developed by pharmacy industry. " American FDA is senior examine official and clinical pharmacologist John Duan to express. New drug yields rate reduce, cost of research and development rises ceaselessly, clinical time is too long, appear on the market the process is too slow... these platitude that innovate about medicaments still exist, and the instability as a result of itself, accumulate deficient, medicine of domestic live thing develops but durative difficulty is heavy. In recent years, biology medicine industry all the time with prep above the rate of overall medicine industry rises, but technology of drug of domestic live thing still has quite big difference with the developed country, the dimensions photograph of biology medicine enterprise is smaller also than chemical drug company a lot of. And domestic chemical medicine is going all the time " Me To (be modelled on) - Me Better (better be modelled on) - Me New (innovation) " course, this is not easy also to biology medicine. The reason depends on, the gender decides the biology equivalent of biology copy pharmacy hard. Actually, the manufacturing process difference between chemical medicine and biology medicine is very big. Chemical medicine belongs to simple young member compound, through controlling chemical recipe, can produce the product that gives structural likeness easily, in the meantime, through the lab the experiment can affirm whether copy pharmacy has same effect with primitive and patent product. But the circumstances of biology medicine differs completely, tiny base round difference can cause the effect that be widely divergent. Accordingly, no matter be in the United States or it is China, the examination that biology copy pharmacy wants to acquire superintendency branch is very difficult. And if prove with extensive clinical trial its have biology equivalent sex, criterion charge and time expenses are quite considerable. Analysis of King Kong of senior vice president of company of Shanghai biology chip says, biology pharmacy itself has been the industry of high investment, high risk. Copy pharmacy does not have patent protection, spent great strength to do clinical trial, result market does not have protection, be duplicated very easily by other competitor, profit is reduced quickly. Because this is in the United States, doing not have patent medicine is to do not have wind to cast those who be willing to accept. Although have complete patent protection, there still is very long way between patent technology and the product that can appear on the market, even a lot of patent itself do not have the possibility that appear on the market or target market is too small, without the meaning that appear on the market. That is to say, the product of development should have biology to become property of a medicine not only, have complete patent protection even. Capital and technology go back to the motherland not completely more than one year to receiving, zhang Lei of immunology, M.d. discovers a few phenomena that make him very bemused: Home does the orgnaization of research and development and end of company of a few biology to get jingle, it is very difficult that research and development and achievement are changed; Meanwhile, investment firm grows too because of investing cycle however, see less than making clear foreground, look for less than issueing the reason such as the home dare be not noted easily endowment. Actually, as a result of the tall growing sex of medical industry, have many fund round medical revolve, but as we have learned, the capital that place of medicine of domestic live thing attracts occupies whole medicine financing only 5% right-and-left portion. Additional, average financial investment is to hope to benefit can see inside short time more, and

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