American university design gives reparability can polymer additive
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Yilinuosi university (the scientists of UniversityofIllinois) design a novel ego rehabilitate system to point out to the strength that regains them adequately can be helped in mixing additive agent for food the polymer that already destroyed. In repair process, fill of solvent small capsule is built-in in epoxy resin matrix rupture crackle place, to the ego before heal process is a great improvement.
Aerospace project teachs and the researcher ScottWhite of BeckmanInstitute points out: "Although the dissolvent before us also is helpful for cicatrizationing, but it also is virose. Our new dissolvent does not contain toxin and cheaper. Our new dissolvent does not contain toxin and cheaper..
When be used normally, annulus oxygen base material expects meeting getting power produces crackle, cause mechanical failure thereby. Damage itself to the repair mechanism that cause can maintain structural integrality and prolong material service life.
Aim to imitate the ability of scar of human body rehabilitate, self-healing material releases agent of a kind of heal in interstitial place, pass chemistry and physical course, restore material to rupture initiatively function.

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