Polycarbonate will make the project model with American the widest application
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Report of company newest research shows Fuliduoniya, in the near future polycarbonate will become American market to use the most extensive project plastic, the demand that the report forecasts the polycarbonate in American market will with of 3.8% year all speed continues to grow, raise the 1.46 billion pound 2012 from the 1.21 billion pound 2007. Polycarbonate applies at other and plastic products in mixing thing in all, will replace ABS modified plastic make application most project is plastic. Consider to point out, polycarbonate market rises to because product of motor-driven car, medical treatment is mixed,basically build market demand to increase quickly.
Although American car line of business is serious,all previous is added fast apparent rein in period, but predict before 2012, american car output will appear " rebound " process, this popularizes those who be helpful for application of nylon engine cover, with the application with etc plastic project. Nylon demand will year all grow 3.4% , increase to the 1.29 billion pound 2012 from the 1.09 billion pound 2007. This company beforehand juice arrives every engine project is plastic 2012 use quantity will raise 12 pounds. Still point out in the report, predicting annual growth rate of plastic total demand achieves all projects 3.1% , add by the 4.665 billion pound 2007 to 5.425 billion pound.

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