Attention: The tooth is afraid of cold be afraid of acid also is ill fact the es
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Medicine of China oral cavity can be investigated recently show, our country 20~60 year old in adult, the person that has 29.7% is sufferring the worry with tooth sensitive essence everyday. Before people not quite the condition that mind, the tooth when having cold drink for instance suddenly ache, eat an orange " set one's teeth on edge " , also be a kind of common disease actually -- tooth essence is sensitive, disease is light commonly used fight sensitive toothpaste to be able to prevent and cure.
Cure of China oral cavity learns secretary-general king Bo to introduce, investigation shows, about 3 adults are sufferring " tooth essence is sensitive " worry, 40~60 year old it is tall hair crowd, male of female prep above. Cause patient tooth essence sensitive exciting element is ordinal for cold (70.6% ) , acerbity (47.6% ) , hot (20.1% ) , sweet (19.8% ) , and brush one's teeth mechanical (10.5% ) wait for stimulation.
Wang Wei of director of division of precaution of Beijing University stomatological hospital be good at point out, if last for some time to appear,eat cold, acerbity, hot, sweet when, have be prickled apparently or acerbity keenly feel; Toothache of regular meeting of the classics when brushing one's teeth or haemorrhage; The meeting when sucking cold air has dental aching and limp, aching feeling to wait, it is the signal with allergic essence having a tooth.
To the precaution with tooth allergic essence, best method nurses with respect to the oral cavity that is nurturance health habit, choose appropriate tooth brush, hold to morning and evening to brush one's teeth, the gargle after the meal, drink acidity beverage and frozen food less. Spend tooth essence gently to already having for sensitive person, optional choose is used fight sensitive kind of toothpaste.
Tooth essence is sensitive, be regarded as by bound of oral cavity medicine " the cold in oral cavity disease " , show the tooth is outer enamel is worn away, cause tooth essence to expose. When exposed tooth essence is stimulated, flow of the liquid inside tooth essence canaliculus produces a change, cause the nerve ending inside dental pulp antrum to be stimulated, bring about ache. (people net)