The expert reminds 4 kinds of dish to send bromatoxism easily to change be the f
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Cut piece the drunk shrimp with the salad of vegetables and fruits with beef of the five spices, inviting color, delicious flavour, unripe oyster, still have of all kinds cold and dressed with sauce or be born mix dish, it is the food that the everybody on dining table likes is tasted. But in Shanghai food medicines and chemical reagents supervisory management board releases " safety of large party food operates a guideline " in, cooked food changing a knife, prefab salad, unripe eat aquatic product and cold and dressed with sauce or be born mix these 4 kinds of dish taste dish, food of danger of the Gao Feng that be labelled, dine together in close friend, when holding marriage dinner, had better not nod. The food that because be in,produces is toxic in incident, these 4 kinds of provision are the commonnest.
Can deputy secretary-general Professor Cai Meiqin tells dietetics of head of department of nutrition of college of medicine of Shanghai traffic university, Shanghai " healthy times " reporter, in bringing about these 4 kinds of toxic dish easily to taste, cooked food changing a knife is be the first to be affected more.
"Cooked food changing a knife " it is whole ripe flesh be cut by the knife of convenient edible piece a food. The link that its pass is much, the knife that cuts the flesh for instance, chopping board, wait from personnel of course of study. And ripe food is passed no longer commonly before edible heat, any link carries pathogenic bacteria, cause bromatoxism easily. Accordingly, the cooked food after changing a knife should be inside 4 hours edible.
Professor Cai says, food has a time restriction commonly to edible from treatment, the interval that gives birth to the product that feed the sea to had been machined to edible for instance should not exceed 1 hour, ripe food from make finish edible to had better be controlled in 2 hours of less than.
Before Shanghai food medicines and chemical reagents controls management board, release " bromatoxism prevents a guideline " in ever pointed out, general pathogenic bacteria is below the temperature condition of 35 ℃ of 25 ~ , every cross 15 ~ 30 minutes bacterial amount breaks up one time.
However, large fete, the guest often is compared much, meal is in impossibly short-term inside preparation is over, even before one evening has done some. And when fete, cold dish often is " ahead arms " , serving is fast and relaxed and goluptious. But cold and dressed with sause or unripe mix dish is to use raw raw material, easy remain is very much bacterium. (healthy times)