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"Inchoate undertake diabetic sieve is checked, inchoate medicaments intervenes, use insulin earlier. " poored by contest Nuo a few days ago - the company holds Anmote " make concerted effort, conquer is diabetic " media communication is met on, china cure learns diabetic credit to meet chairman committee member Professor Yang Wenying be opposite new edition " China 2 model diabetic cure guideline " undertook relevant unscramble. Professor Yang Wenying points out, new edition China 2 model diabetic cure guideline emphasized inchoate prevention and cure reaching diabetic the content that amounts to mark strictly.
Inchoate sieve is checked. As a result of 2 model diabetic those who come on is young with each passing day change, emphasize above crowd 40 years old should noticing diabetic sieve is checked before, suggest above crowd should notice blood sugar detects 30 years old now, have especially familial history, medical history of fat, hypertensive, heart and vessels person.
Inchoate medicaments intervenes. 2 model the diabetic once diagnose, can medication on the foundation that intervenes in the lifestyle such as food, motion, and still need to survey 3 months before unlike. So OK the development of sick patient's condition of make water of refine sugar of more effective check and the happening that defer complication.
Use insulin early. In new guideline special one of the most significant steps that point out insulin cure is control tall blood sugar. The use to insulin should not hesitate, in medicaments of profess to convinced after 3 months, if fructose changes haemoglobin standard (go to already the blood sugar average level of 3 months) still prep above 6.5% , should add as early as possible treat with insulin.
In addition, new edition guideline still emphasizes blood sugar should amounting to mark more strictly. Fall in safe premise namely, should as far as possible parameter of all blood sugar (saccharification haemoglobin, hollow the blood sugar after reaching eat) fall it is adjacent and normal to come. (healthy times)