Relieve a cough medicine does not eat easy block respiratory tract to cause a bo
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Cough for cure, before somebody likes to sleeping, take relieve a cough medicine, think to be able to treat nightly cough in case so, do not affect Morpheus, this kind of practice is actually bad.
Relieve a cough medicine can relieve a cough, because,be it can action is mixed at receptor of cough centre, respiratory tract sensory nerve ending, restrain cough reflex. Although relieve a cough medical stanch cough, but it caused the retention of phlegmy fluid in respiratory tract, easy block respiratory tract. The stimulant heighten of the parasympathetic nerve after falling asleep, bring about bronchus the systole of flowing flesh, make bronchus antrum is out of shape contractible. In even more narrow canal antrum, add the block of phlegmy fluid, can bring about the serious inadequacy that lung aerates, create human body anoxic, occurrence breadth of mind difficulty of oppressed, breath. The result cannot relieve a cough through taking not only medicine will sleep peacefully heavy, can accentuate accordingly instead of the body unwell.
Of cough patient tracheal in have phlegmy when, besides treating original disease actively, still should use relieve a cough medicine of make expectoration easy, this kind of medicine basically is medium officinal, if stop tendril-leaved fritillary bulb of bolus of bolus of cough Chinese olive, lung of the manage that connect announce, compound piece, relieve a cough loquat dew, western medicine ammonium chloride, iodine changes potassium to also have effect of make expectoration easy, they can will sticky stiff phlegmy become a few rarer, facilitate successful and expectorate, the symptom that makes cough is reduced or cure.
The cause of disease that causes cough is very much, once appear relatively serious cough, or the cough that exceeds a week continuously should be treated in time to the hospital, eliminate lung tubercular possibility, and fish pathogeny suit the remedy to the case. Take drug by oneself cure of meeting incur loss through delay, bring about illness aggravate. (Liaoning daily)