Nutrient expert reminds: Edible milk should notice 3 " detail "
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The nurture such as rich calcium, protein, vitamin is contained to pledge in milk, be a kind digest absorption natural food easily. Nutrient expert reminds, edible milk should notice 3 " detail " , lest loss battalion nurturance is divided.
It is to avoid milk and boiled water to be the same as drink. Somebody likes an edge to drink milk edge to drink tea, southern of this one habit over northerner. This one drinkable method is actually unscientific, because rich calcic ion is contained in milk, and calcic ion of meeting block up is in a few composition in tea gastric bowel is absorbed mediumly, weaken the nutrient composition with milk inherent itself.
2 it is to avoid solar illuminate milk. The vitamin B in bright grandma is met sunshine to be destroyed very quickly by illuminate, because this deposits milk to had better choose coloured or not pervious to light container, deposit at shady and cool place.
3 it is to avoid to heat with bronze ware milk. Current, copper is in a few in there still is application in high-grade tableware, if copper is qualitative,chaffy dish, copper heats character the cup. Copper can quicken the destruction to the vitamin, heating especially in the process, copper has catalysis to the chemical reaction that produces in milk, can accelerate the loss of nutriment. (xinhua net)