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Concerned chief of hall of Jiangsu province sanitation is playing 10 days " Chinese Jiangsu net " about sanitation of spirit of the seventeenth world day discloses when online interview: Disease of children adolescent psychology suffers from occurence rate to show ascendant trend.
Save wholesome hall deputy hall to grow Hu Xiaoshu to say, our country is in social transition period, rate of sicken of serious spirit disease shows ascendant trend. In children, adolescent, at least 30 million person gets the worry of all sorts of mood obstacles and behavior problem. Obstacle of strange drive of middle and primary school highlights expression to be the problem of stability of human relation, mood and study adaptability respect. According to estimation, 30% meetings develop to notice to grow up blemish uses a barrier more, and grow up inchoate crime, winebowl, drug taking, turning over sociality character obstacle to lead is average crowd 5 to 10 times.
Li Jijun of vice director of division of psychology of medicine of hospital of Nanjing head division's associate professor, from professional perspective explanation answered action. According to introducing, 0-3 year old the problem has the infant's common spirit sanitation: Foster the psychological development issue that undeserved place brings kind, like verbal development capacity of undesirable, truck and mood behavior control difference. The parent should have the communication of affection, language and body with the child more, develop the child's good life behavior habit. 4, the problem has the mental sanitation with the common children before 6 years old of school age: Leave hard it is the parent, difficult to get along with young associate. The children before teacher and parent should encourage school age and young associate a game, share feeling, develop the child's independence and cooperative ability.
7, school age children of 12 years old and 13-18 year old teenage, the problem has common mental sanitation: Study an issue, if exam angst, study is difficult; Human truck issue, like school malajustment, kip; Problem of mood problem, sexual psychology development, behavior problem (like harm of swashbuckling, ego, harum-scarum adventure) , the network becomes addiction, smoking, drink, osculatory drugs, excessive chase after star, excessive be on a diet, anorexia and wait devouringly. Should teach school age children and adolescent institutional adjustment learns pressure, be good at affection communication, enhance a society to get used to ability, develop interest interest. (new China daily)