7 kinds of food are used to the influence to nutriment
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Little hint: Doohickey of nutrition of different food tarry

Vegetable: Conflagration is fried quickly
The vitamin B in vegetable, C most be afraid of heat, the time that cooks so is longer, the loss is more, boiler leaves vegetable again after doing vegetable Shang Ye to want to leave in water, reduce the time that it cooks in water as far as possible.
The flesh kind: Eat together with soup
Different method is right the flesh kind nutriment effect is distinct, the vitamin in the flesh when braise in soy sauce and boiled in clear soup and mineral meeting dissolve are in soup, evaporate and boil make possibly protein hydrolyze. When eating so, had better drink even boiling water together.
Face: Evaporate comparing has been boiled
Because scoop up face and the nutrition that dumpling can make cooked wheaten food medium to sneak away to go in soup, eat so dumpling and scoop up a face to had better connect soup to be drunk together. Inside the cooked wheaten food of deepfry do not contain a vitamin basically. (ferry signs up for a net - daily new newspaper)

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