7 kinds of food are used to the influence to nutriment
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1.Much store food: Or because busy, or because lazy, a lot of people buy a place of strategic importance of a lot of food to eat refrigerator.
The truth: The time of food store is longer, the area that contacts air and illumination is larger, nutriment also with respect to losing more. Every put greenery vegetable one day more, the vitamin can decrease 10% ; Spinach is in room temperature transfer to a lower level 4 days, folic acid is met loss 50% ; And the fish puts on 3 months in freezer compartment, the loss of vitamin A, E also is in 30% the left and right sides.
2.Flour of rice of essence of life is delicious: In machining a process, treatment is more careful, vitamin, mineral loss is more, because vitamin of B a group of things with common features, prandial fiber, inorganic salt it is in seminal crust and embryo.
The truth: Thick food grains other than wheat and rice is phyletic not merely, and with treatment means is concerned.
3.I like to eat all sorts of meat: The flesh kind it is acidity food, blood of the human body when eating very much acidity food also can slant acerbity.
The truth: The body can use the basic ingredient natrium inside body and calcium to counteract the acid of the excessive inside body, cause the loss of these two kinds of nutriment. Had better eating the meat so while eat bit of fresh vegetable and fruit.
4.Food does not eat to freeze again rise: The flesh of chunk cuts next parts that should use after defrost, freeze those who remain again rise, had you done such thing?
The truth: Relapse refrigerant fish and the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that the flesh can cause all sorts of nutriment such as protein, vitamin, increase the risk that the bacterium pollutes possibly still. Small had better be cut when the pork is fresh, pack respectively, eat how to much take.
5.Cook time grew delicious: Cook longer, temperature jumps over fried dish time tall, the loss of all sorts of nutriment is more.
Countermeasure: Best control is in the evaporate time that boil 20 minutes or so, prevent decoct flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, the flesh that boil does not exceed 2 hours.
6.Cupreous boiler and aluminous boiler are very good also with: Stainless steel, iron, glass is right tableware choice.
The truth: The meeting when aluminous boiler heats increases the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of vitamin C, copper is called " the enemy of the vitamin " . The acidity food such as tomato of iron bowl cooking, lemon, can make the uptake of active iron increases decuple.
7.Dish leaf is not delicious: We often throw away celery leaf, asparagus lettuce leaf.
The truth: Vegetable cortical have rich nutriment with leaf, the carotene of asparagus lettuce leaf and calcic content are for instance 5.4 times higher than cauline ministry.

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