Consider to make clear: Pollution of spinach of autumn winter season and red tur
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Buy the citizen of dish to food market, like to buy the food of suburb vegetable grower, because such vegetable is mostly,irrigate manure, won't have pesticide remain. Nanjing agriculture college, Jiangsu saves a of the unit such as farming division courtyard new research to make clear, irrigate the vegetable meeting of manure by cause of disease microbial pollution, but after classics tap water is rinsed, pollution drops apparently.
Researcher basically is opposite the vegetable such as a variety of Chinese cabbage, turnip, lettuce, celery is begun detect. Detect result discovery, distance fertilization time is closer, vegetable surface coliform group the amount is more, but the coliform of vegetable interior group the amount is insusceptible. The researcher of Nanjing agriculture college says, had irrigated inside 7 days the vegetable of bright dung is polluted commonly serious, qiu Dong season, pollution of spinach and red turnip is the most serious, it is a variety of Chinese cabbage next, and Chun Xia season, white turnip pollution is the most serious.
The citizen's commonly used self-invited leach bubble, rinse wait for a method coliform of vegetable to purify surface group have certain effect, among them in order to rinse the effect optimal. In addition, exterminating method of bacterium of vegetable cause of disease best is boil leach bubble. Boiling water handles 15 seconds to be able to make the coliform of vegetable surface group the amount drops apparently, xie Cai kind the coliform of vegetable interior group via boil leach bubble 45 seconds can exterminate 30 ~ basically, turnip kind in-house coliform group via boil leach bubble 60 seconds above also can be exterminated thoroughly. (healthy times)

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