What behavior causes liver cancer of second liver change
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The message said recently, 9 have second liver medical history into patient of cancer of the liver, the dangerous sex that has had the person of second liver to contract liver cancer than someone else is as high as 10.7 times, the dangerous sex that second liver virus carries a crowd to contract liver cancer is 6.37 times of the crowd more healthy! Why does second liver virus cause liver cancer easily? Was in a few days ago with " virus sex hepatitis and liver cell cancer are in Asia " the area of the 17th Asia-Pacific that gives priority to a problem on liver disease annual meeting, the Asia-Pacific area such as our country, Korea, Japan and Australia is numerous scholar of expert of liver disease prevention and cure reminds say, if you contracted second liver virus, or the doctor announces you are patient of liver of a second, must want to remember well be far from element of the following risk, just can be far from cancer of the liver invade:
1. drinks. Drink for a long time electropositive to antigen of second liver surface person the happening that can promote liver cirrhosis or liver cancer;
2. has corrupt oil. Use vegetable oil staly kind have noxiousness, the likelihood sends cancerous;
3. eats mildewy food. Should discover grain, oily, grandma kind when food has mould to pollute, prohibit edible;
4. laissez-faire. Second liver patient and family member should have groovy examination to the hospital regularly, check regularly serum transaminase, half an year comes annual " two half-and-half " , do globulin of fetal armour embryo, check B every year to exceed. Otherwise, laissez-faire, the affects duplicate, inflammation to make continuously fiber of second liver virus spends pathological change, bring about liver cirrhosis inevitably even the happening of cancer of the liver.
5. chaos takes drug. Face the situation of medicaments sort grow in quantity, the expert thinks the patient treats a choice to answer careful, 2007 edition " guideline of second liver prevention and cure " it is the sex of domain of cure of chronic second liver is newest standard of diagnosis and treatment on international directive file, have higher referenced value.
Liver ill expert points out, those who need recognize is, "Should fight virus ability already strong, should take again convenient, be able to bear or endure medical rate is low, poisonous side effect is little and the price is very cheap, so ideal medicaments, there still is not face city now. " < contemporary health signs up for >

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