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Pressure of modern woman job, life increases, make their body is facing higher sicken risk. The expert reminds, prandial removing special catalysis to mammary gland disease with nutrition, should cause take seriously.
Shaanxi saves expert of medical affairs of courtyard of health care of women and children to think, absorb exorbitant adipose with animal albumen and food incontinent those who cause is fat, inside meeting stimulative human body of certain hormone generate and release, body of exciting breast gland is epithelial excessive hyperplasia. This is one of main contributing factor of mammary gland disease. Additional, drinking also is the archenemy of mammary gland disease. The female if everyday drink liquor, the opportunity that has mammary gland tumor increases substantially. In addition, the hormone that female of a few the turn of life takes kind medicaments, medium the hormone that young female takes kind the likelihood such as beautiful system product causes mammary gland disease.
Accordingly, while hyperplasia of remedial mammary gland is using drug, the dietary convention with good nurturance is very important, eat fast adipose food less, little drink, drink milk more, constant drink green tea, eat some of Chinese cabbage, kelp to will have profit more. (xinhua net)

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