Edible black sesame seed can be helped health care and raise colour
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Be in our country, up to now, learn to study the result makes clear according to contemporary medicine, black sesame seed has distinct Medical Protection effect. The vitamin E in black sesame seed is very rich, can defer consenescence. Have embellish the five internal organs, the action such as effort of strong bones and muscles, increase. But strong body, lengthen life delay year, nourishing liver kidney, embellish raises lienal lung, the dry cough of lobar deficiency of yin with irritability, skin is dry the constipation of be caused by of deficiency of yin with irritability of the bowel that reach a stomach, the breast that postpartum shade blood is not worth be caused by is little.
Learn an analysis according to dietetics home division: Every 100 grams contain protein in sesame seed 21.9 grams, adipose 61.7 grams, calcic 564 milligram, phosphor 368 milligram, iron 50 milligram, still contain acid of phenol of acid of sesame seed element, earthnut, sesame seed, oleic acid, palmy acid, tristearin, steriod the nurture such as A of mellow, lecithin, vitamin, B, D, E is qualitative. Containing so rich nutrition because of sesame seed, reach hairdressing side in the consenescence that waits a person consequently, just had huge effect.
Protect skin beautiful skin: Often eat sesame seed, can make the skin keeps tender, meticulous and smooth. Have the person of chronic constipation, the poison that alvine memory takes can harm the person's liver, also can cause cutaneous coarse. Sesame seed can be slippery bowel treats constipation, have moist cutaneous effect. Use be on a diet the person that will reduce weight, as a result of its nutrition absorb an amount insufficient, the skin can become dry, coarse.
And the corporeal lecithin that prevents human body get fat, choline, inositol is contained in sesame seed, because this sesame seed eats much also won't get fat. Be on a diet reduce weight while, if cooperate the edible of sesame seed, coarse skin can win improvement.
People often bathes exquisite sanitation, but washing the bilge on the skin while, also meet scour off human body apparently grease. The person that makes the skin appears relatively dry because of shucking off grease, can eat some of sesame seed, can make the skin looks more bright. The vitamin E in sesame seed, in the beauty that protect skin the action in skin cannot be ignored more. It can promote human body to be opposite of vitamin A use, can remove synergism with vitamin C, protect cutaneous health, reduce skin happening infection; To the skin medium collagen fiber and bounce fiber have " moist " action, improve thereby, safeguard cutaneous flexibility; Can promote the haemal circulation inside the skin, make the skin gets sufficient nutrient material and moisture, in order to safeguard cutaneous tender with burnish. < Sichuan is online >

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