3 kinds of body building that make in the autumn aptly
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Enter autumn since, air temperature drops somewhat, mix in the intense heat of summer that experienced phlogistic summer wet after covering tightly, people of times move fall cool and comfortable. Delightful autumn, also be exercising gold season, the body building that lists a few kinds compare appropriate autumn here...

Uprise, point to folk namely commonly climb motion. As a kind of physical training, the sanitarian action of uprise is: Can make lung connects tolerance and vital capacity to increase, blood increases circularly, cerebral blood flow increases, pee acidity rises. Autumn day uprise, as a result of climate distinctive, the change of atmosphere element returns a little special benefit to function of human body physiology.
When mountain-climbing, as the high rise inside certain limits, medium pH indicator mixes atmosphere to be called " air vitamin " content of negative oxygen ion is increasing, together with atmospheric pressure is reduced, the physiology function that can promote a person produces a series of change, return the effect that can have auxiliary treatment to the disease such as asthma, can reduce blood sugar, the haemoglobin of heighten anaemia patient and red blood cell are counted. Autumn day uprise, temperature change is most frequent, this healthy to human body itself is good part: Make the person's temperature adjusts the mechanism is in nervous condition ceaselessly, raise human body to get used to ability to what the environment changes thereby (on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " autumn aspic " also included this meaning) . Of course, to aged body weak, cannot emphasize effect of this kind of health care blindly, uprise time wants the morning with escape inferior air temperature and dusk, uprise speed wants slow, the goal that gets used to air temperature can be achieved through dress of increase and decrease when fluctuation hill. The patient such as hypertensive, coronary heart disease more want do according to one's abilities, produce accident in case.

Cantering also is a very ideal fall campaign project, can enhance haemal circulation, improve heart function; The blood that improves a head is supplied and the oxygen of cerebral cell is supplied, reduce a head arteriosclerosis, make cerebrum can work normally. Ran still stimulates metabolization effectively, increase energy to use up, conduce to reduce weight strong and handsome. To old people, because do not move,ran can decrease greatly the sweeny that cause and fat disease; Reduce the phenomenon of consenescence of heart lungs function; Can reduce cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, conduce to a prolong life. Latter, the scientist returns discovery, the chance that holds to the person that canter to get cancer is less.
Of course, cantering process also is actually in experience " air bath " . If people often lies in foul air, can feel mental exhaustion, limply, work efficiency drops. Accordingly, no matter be healthy person or ill patient, should arrive more outdoors go mobile activity, breathe fresh air more. Dry,crisp air of autumn walk out of a door just about, to the big inning that goes taking exercise in nature. A day in, if people has 1, 2 hours arrive outdoor breathing fresh air, take out 40 minutes or so to undertake cantering among them, can catch a disease less not only, the constitution also can increase, energy also is met increasingly abundant rise.
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