Color is invisible glasses wants careful with
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Color is invisible the love content that glasses is a lot of fashionable personages, although it makes a person beautiful all the more beautiful, but brought risk is not little also.

Ophthalmology of Tang Dou hospital of the 4th Military Medical University Professor Yan Hong thinks, color is invisible eye ply, hardness is more than general and invisible glasses, because it is to be in common and invisible plating color is added on lens, can stem the partial air-vent of lens, reduce lens appear oxygen, permeability, eyeball is long-term and anoxic dry, cause the complication such as corneal infection, ulcer easily. If the product is put in quality problem, may bring about color to fall off, cross-eye eyeball causes greater harm.

Because color is invisible the periphery of glasses went up color, its pupil diameter can be secured commonly in 4~6 millimeter, and the pupil of person eye can expand along with radial brightness however or narrow, when the light is too dark, pupil diameter is more than 6 millimeter likely, this can create nightly eyesight obstacle.

Color is invisible transparent area is fixed in the center of glasses, what cannot let the light is strong greaten in that way like eye pupil infirmly decrescent, in the space with night or dark light, the color that wear color is invisible glasses can appear the faintness that look matter, mix in the evening when driving, should not be adorn.

Below stable light, color is invisible glasses also can hold back the line of sight because of the shift of eyeball, appear easily thereby inspect exhaustion, unfavorable also and long-term adorn. When read, wear coloured invisible glasses is insecure also, because this meeting causes eyeball shift, cover pupil, influence eyesight.