Stay up late body woman is optimal remedy measure
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If say to be able to go to bed normally at 12 o'clock, perhaps your meeting cries gladly god is blessed, every morning greatly pouch and black rim of the eye replaced your fair makeup look, at this moment you must be your health and cutaneous health to consider.  

One, the “ dinner ” before taking evening seriously to sleep

The skin falls in the circumstance that cannot get enough sleep, meeting occurrence nutrition (moisture, nutrient) excessive prediction of a person's luck in a given year, much a few more compensatory when dinner the food that contain vitamin C or contains collagen protein, benefit restores flexibility and luster at the skin.

Dinner includes:

The food that contains a lot ofcollagen albumen is like ” of “ animal skin, vitamin C is contained a lot ofin many fruit, or profess to convinced 1 ~ 2 vitamins C piece.

Dinner should put an end to:

Hot food, the moisture in preventing the skin is excessive evaporate. Sensitivity skin should feed seafood less as far as possible. Alcohol kind beverage sells at a discount greatly to cutaneous nutrient is absorbed and retaining, use less as far as possible consequently.

2, give sufficient abundant moisture

When stay up late, should pay attention to the humidity with let indoor air maintains unobstructed and have certain.

If cannot change the environmental quality that is in personally (wait like product line of bar, restaurant, factory) , should nursing more go up to use a heart a little —— uses the latex that contains enough moisture and nutrient, easily the skin is absorbed.

3, blatant medium “ is composed”

As a result of Morpheus be short of break, drink strong tea or coffee, wine kind wait maintaining excitement is to sleep late the method that person habit uses. Appear easily however so dark and gloomy of black rim of the eye, pouch, skin does not have light to wait.

4, stay up late the personage protects a stomach to have a way

The person that often stays up late, the is flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine weighs, this kind of person often also has trouble of intestines and stomach, can pass dietotherapy to improve, achieve the goal that protect a stomach.

Dietotherapy square one: Soup of virgin soil lean lean

Material: 250g of virgin soil 15g, lean lean

Make a way: Bao boiling water is drinkable

Applicable: 2-3 person is measured

Dietotherapy square 2: Syrup of bright lily tremella

Material: Bright lily 30g, tremella 30g, Xue Li 1, bird's nest 10-30g, rock candy is right amount.

Make a way: Put rock candy and other data to stew syrup
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