Very hot catch send maximum half an year
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Very hot catch a hair, the hair that can let us often is sere, rupture. The frequency that the proposal is ironed or catchs does not exceed half an year, iron and catch had better not undertake at the same time.


To the hair of those already serious damage, except wash daily protect outside hair, still suggest to use hair film regularly kind product, do deepness to nurse for the hair. Autumn washs the frequency of hair to recommend every 2~3 day 1 times, if working environment dirt is more, can wash everyday, wait because of fluid of the grease on the hair, sweat, dirt and other contamination accumulate can accentuate gradually the injury that correct sends.

Use correctly protecting hair vegetable also is the important step that ensures the hair is healthy.

After 1. abluent hair, will protect hair element to be squeezed on the hand, dosage is long hair is like ping-pong size commonly, bingle is like litchi size; 2. Protect the share the daub that deliver vegetable to be in above all the place that send a tip, be in the rest daub next hair others; 3. Be in past hair tip to comb from hair root with finger, sensory hair becomes suitable slippery can, if become aware insufficient, can increase the dosage that protects hair vegetable; 4. Need not stay for long, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean can.

Wash hair hind to must not wipe wet hair forcibly with towel, can make the wool of the hair small leather cock, exfoliate, can pull a hair even. Applied doing sends a cap (or the dry towel with good water imbibition) wrap up hair, nature of the unlock after several minutes is dry can.