Autumn is fed fill teach you how to fill thinner more
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The autumn arrived, appetite it may not be a bad idea of everybody rise, always think good ” of much “ taking a place, compensate the loss of loss of appetite and weight in summer. Northerner has “ to stick the tradition of autumn fat ” more.

According to media coverage, begin from the Beginning of Autumn, beijing each raw ripe meat of big supermarket kind the sale of food rises considerably. Ceng Chuang of ” of date of blessing of day of “ of old name of Beijing ripe pork sells the record that gives upper part of a leg of pork of 8000 kilograms of sauce two hours. Be aimed at this, dietetics home reminds everybody, “ sticks fat ” with the flesh and unscientific, had filled

Above all, stick autumn fat to want to notice the soda acid inside body is balanced. The PH value of normal person blood should be shown alkalescent, usually, human body but self-adjusting balance the soda acid relation inside body. But, if big fish is big,the acidity food such as the flesh eats much, exceeded airframe be able to bear or endure get rate, can make blood produces acidity deflection, make the person suffers from easily on fat of hypertensive, tall blood, gouty, fatty liver. So, when sticking autumn fat ” at “ , everybody did not forget to eat some of season vegetable, fruit more, and the alkalescent food such as tea, bean products, almond, chestnut, in order to counteract the redundant acidity material inside body.

Next, proper “ sticks autumn fat ” to conduce to refection really, but if eat more, if be being moved less, grow stout of very easy after autumn. So, “ sticks autumn fat ” to should undertake according to individual body state. Average person can get enough nutrition from inside diet, need not enter painstakingly fill. And, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, it is to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid after the Beginning of Autumn the good time that raises shade, tall adipose going against; of preserve one's health is the bean sprouts, spinach, carrot, celery, a variety of Chinese cabbage, vegetable such as asparagus lettuce, nutrition is rich let person put on weight not easily again, autumn can eat more a bit.

The 3rd, turn gradually as weather cool, people often can appear the dry sense of different level, friend should take some promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid raise moist and shade, juicily provision, eat food of blast of acrimony, decoct less. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, lung and the relationship of autumn gas are very close, autumn should eat lung having profit to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid more the food of action, wait like lily, lotus seed, almond. Almond is the embellish lung food of our country tradition, what learn according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is academic, suffering of flavour of “ almond sex, laborious, enter lienal, lung, large intestine classics. Laborious comes loose to leave gas, profit god, painstakingly aperient raise colour, travel of Wen Zexuan sluggish is phlegmy. ” is displayed according to ancient prose of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " property of a medicine is talked " account, almond is OK “ treats a heart to fall urgent full painful, divide confidential be worried, cure lung enrages cough, asthma closes to on, enter lungs of heart of embellish of lucid asparagus decoct, but cheese does ” of Shang Yangrun information. Document points out, almond not only can treat heart pneumonia to suffer from, also have sanitarian effect to vocal cords, pharynx and larynx, still but symptom of slow down cough.
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