Tumble into bed after exhaustion? The hair drops light
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Watch TV, when listening to music to perhaps employ computer, be asleep; Force oneself to nod ” to go to bed by “ , get up in the morning, and ” of dot of this time “ always is being adjusted; After awaking naturally, thinking again ” of “ Lai Huier bed, force to extend Morpheus time; Do not sleep in the evening, fill by day become aware, double cease of day fill become aware; Actuating pressure is great, need to work overtime in the evening, fall asleep immediately after the job of high strenth ends etc, a general designation is ” of “ rubbish Morpheus. Can bring from this a few more the following common disease.

Although very care about, ” of your “ beer belly still can appear, because,this is only not only at ordinary times the problem that food is used to, it results from very likely ” of your “ rubbish Morpheus. “ sleeps bad, in the heart irritated, a lot of jobs had not finished ”; stays up late write a plan, often daydream in night, brain always is missing half-baked work. Night of this kind of “ cannot sleep the symptom of ” lasts for some time, can let you feel body “ heavy ” . In fact because of ” of “ rubbish Morpheus, your weight grew really.

  Depressed disease

The mood is low, often feel tired or lack vigor, feel restless, irritating, had “ to seek the idea of dead ” even, these are the expression of depressed disease. We often hear “ insomnia view of depressed disease ” , really, insomnia and depressed between having natural connection. ” of “ rubbish Morpheus can cause mind dispirited, mood quality of low, job drops, very thorny issue is originally possible because do not have,had slept and more do bad, do bad to stay up late work overtime, if things go on like this formed vicious circle.

Go out to go to work in the morning, discovery forgets take the plan that finish, come home rapidly, arrived in the home however anyway is unable to call to mind forget the morning that headed what; firm to be able to go up, the boss can see your eyes slack apparently, when answering a question unresponsive, often make mistake job of a day began; , it is the leader just bades obviously the job that come down, the figure that you are visitting a leader to leave however is felt do not wear brains, “ leader a moment ago was like is to say ……”

 Stertorous disease

Everyday in the evening, because your grunt makes a noise others so that sleep to be not worn, people still thinks you sleep very sweetly. In fact, because snore, also let yourself sleep so that indissoluble lack. Not only such, return sometimes in the evening because the meeting is stertorous wake him hold back, and suffer from go up chronic pharyngitis. Additional, get up to also can feel to have a headache in the morning the following day the mouth is dry, bloodless by day, attention drops, the mood is very impatient still irritable.
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