Autumn dietotherapy raises unripe reasonable food to be able to reduce scar dise
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Autumn dry enrages in season, hurt body fluid easily, lung of Yin Run of reason food Ying Yizi is advisable. " drink board is wanting " say: Dry of “ autumn gas, appropriate feeds Ma Yirun its dry, ban cold water ” . More the view feeds virgin soil congee into Qiu Yi, with moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood person. Autumn, but the soft embellish food such as proper edible sesame seed, polished glutinous rice, rice, honey, loquat, pineapple, milkings, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid with beneficial stomach. Life home is special roll out article of series of autumn dietotherapy preserve one's health, let the Shu Xin that you eat in the autumn, those who eat be at ease!

The happening of scar and congenital quality are concerned, but the rate that reasonable food can reduce disease.

Should eat more at ordinary times delicate with the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin, for instance fresh fruit is mixed vegetable. If cut achieves a face bigger, want C of right amount and compensatory vitamin, it can accelerate the heal of cut. Many vitamin C is contained in resembling tomato, yangtao, lemon and fresh vegetable.

Do not eat hot sex and the food that raw meat or fish delivers as far as possible, for instance the flesh of flocks and herds, flesh such as chicken, shrimp, crab kind reach blast of acrimony, decoct to wait hot and dry the food of laborious change, they can aid wet heat build-up, increase the phlegmy silt of damp and hot inside human body, violate the immune system of human body oneself, aggravating even inflammation, affect the process that cut cicatrizations. After getting hurt so, should notice to avoid to absorb the stimulating food such as chili, ginger, garlic, wine, coffee, lest aggravating scar is proliferous.

Do not want partiality for a particular kind of food to carry feed, because microelement zinc can be united in wedlock with vitamin C, participate in the synthesis of albumen of the collagen inside body, increase the strength of human body, stimulative cut cicatrizations. Want impartiality to feed only, such microelement such as zinc won't be lacked inside body. If add bit of food that contains collagen protein again, wait like hand of skin, pig can make cut cicatrizations more quickly.

Also can try dietary build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food square:

Congee of algal the seed of Job's tears: Algal 9 grams, kelp 9 grams, sweet almond 9 grams, job's tears benevolence 30 grams. Add drug of before above 3 gout water 750 milliliter, decoction takes juice 500 milliliter, the juice that use drug and Job's tears benevolence boil congee together can, daily 1, can take the place of breakfast edible.

Soup of the larva of silkworm with batrytis: Grind the larva of silkworm with batrytis delicate last stage, become namely with right amount honey and divide evenly. Take 6 grams every time, daily 2, with warm boiled water strong attune is taken.
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