In recent years analysis of market of world model machine
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In last few years, the world is plastic (contain balata) processing machinery production value with was 2000 highest. Production value of this year amounts to 19.5 billion euro, than going up year 16.7 billion euro grew 17% considerably. But production value dropped again 2001 for 17.1 billion euro, picked up to be mixed for 17.6 billion euro with small 2003 2002 17.7 billion euro.
Because tool industry centers plastic forming machine in the Japan of European Germany, Italy and Asia, China and United States,wait for country and area, so plastic forming machine fetterses commerce (exit) the proportion that the forehead holds production value is very large. If the world is plastic 2000,the exit forehead that forming machine fetterses is 10.4 billion euro, 62% what hold production value. Exit forehead was added 2000 for 16.7 billion euro, the proportion that holds production value rises to 86% . Exit forehead was 12.9 billion euro 2003, occupy 73% .
Plastic and mechanical industry of Europe is in lead position in the whole world, the production value that European plastic forming machine fettersed 2003 is 9.6 billion euro, 54% what hold world total production value. The exit forehead that European plastic forming machine fetterses was 6.7 billion euro 2003, 53% what occupy the world to always export the specified number.
China already became the world's greatest model opportunity to produce country and one of consumptive countries now. According to statistic, china is plastic and mechanical 2003 gross value of industrial output twelve billion eight hundred and twenty-one million yuan, sale amount achieves twelve billion two hundred and six million yuan, production value and sale come 10 years year all increase rate is in 13% above. China exported model machine in all 2003 583 million dollar, come to China 10 years model machine exports the specified number year all increase rate is as high as 41% . In the model machine product that nevertheless China exports, low end the product occupies 90% above. Specified number of entrance of machinery of Chinese plastic treatment is larger, amounted to 3.936 billion dollar 2003, than going up year of growth 54.7% . Size of model machine market had achieved China to make an appointment with 100 thousand 2003 (set) , its China produces model machine to make an appointment with 83 thousand, entrance model machine makes an appointment with 17 thousand. Although homebred model machine takes the market 80% of the capacity, its sale holds total of model machine market only however less than 20% . Import the stand-alone price of model machine to be homebred equipment 8 - 10 times, additional cost outclass is homebred model machine. Job of Chinese model machinist must develop the product of hi-tech content hard, ability change our country is current model machine " big and not strong " situation, enhance the competition ability on the international market.
Dimensions of industry of German model machine is in global head the list. Germany is plastic machine mechanical production value 2001, mixed 2002 parted to be mixed for 6.31 billion euro, 6.72 billion euro 2003 6.94 billion euro, added 2004 amount to 7.6 billion euro. Germany is plastic the 4.99 billion euro that production value of forming machine instrument increases to 2004 with the 4.37 billion euro 2003 by the 3.85 billion euro 2001, 4.18 billion euro 2002, amplitude is 14.1% . Shape to was 1.76 billion euro 2004 with mould production value, amplitude is 0.1% . Germany is plastic 26.8% what machine mechanical production value to hold world total production value, it is the country of model engine production with the biggest whole world, the worker that in Germany plastic and rigid company works has about 30 thousand person. Germany is plastic and mechanical celebrated world, 27.5% what its export the forehead to hold global total, also hold production value of German model machine very large proportion (it is 3 / about 4) . Germany is plastic forehead of exit of forming machine instrument was 3.73 billion euro 2004, than going up year of growth 14.7% , 74.8% what hold production value.
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